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Letter From An Unknown Woman

Yazar: Stefan Zweig

     "Letter From An Unknown Woman" is a short story of how a woman grows a one-sided love, which she has grew in her childhood, and how she keeps it with fascinating care throughout her life.
     A flirtatious and famous writer receives a letter that begins one day, "To you who don't know me at all…". There is no information about the sender in the letter and it is from a woman whose son has just died. As the author continues to read the letter, he realizes that this woman has been following his every move for twenty years with a desperate love. This woman, who fell in love without expecting anything in return, followed the author's whole life like a shadow. Another painful truth he learned from the letter is that the dead child was actually his own son.
     It is a wonderful book that you will read at once, and will warm your heart in some places where your throat will be knotted…
Kitap Adı : Letter From An Unknown Woman
Tür : İngilizce
Yazar : Stefan Zweig
Yayınevi : Tutku
Ebat : 14x21
Sayfa : 64
Kapak : karton
ISBN : 978-605-7608-79-6
  6.95 TL
5.56 TL
Tedarik süresi: Aynı Gün Kargo
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