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The Country Of White Lilies

Yazar: Grigory Petrov

    When Atatürk read the book, he was fascinated by Finland's epic success. He immediately ordered that the book be read as a guide book in Republic schools and included in the curriculum of military schools in particular.
    Finland is a country covered with impossibilities and difficulties, both geographically, strategically and in terms of the general structure of the people. Its destiny was changed with radical changes from head to toe, great struggles and endless belief.
    This miraculous transformation that took place many years ago will be a useful guide in interpreting the pains of a country like Turkey, which is unique in many respects, but unfortunately still has not reached the value it deserves.
    Trying to see how the foundations of Finland's current success were laid will also enable us to see our own country and society from many different perspectives. We greet all readers with longing for a country that has come to the place it deserves.
Kitap Adı : The Country Of White Lilies
Tür : Roman
Yazar : Grigory Petrov
Yayınevi : Tutku
Ebat : 13,7x21
Sayfa : 112
Kapak : Karton
ISBN : 9786057608987
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