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Top Fifty Short Stories (İngilizce)

Yazar: Kollektif

    A weak and hungry wolf, on a cold day while wandering around the village, he came across a dog that was well fed.

    ‘Tell me, my friend,’ said the wolf, ‘how can well fed.

    ‘People are feeding me,’ he replied.

    “Is that all?” the wolf asked sarcastically.

    ‘Your job must be very difficult, then.’

    ‘No.’ said the dog. ‘All I do is spend the night

    ‘Waiting for the garden.’

    ‘Is that why they give you food?‘ said the wolf.

    ‘If that’s all, I’ll be your companion too.

    You don’t know what it means to find food outside.

    It is very hard.’

    “My owner will undoubtedly feed you too,” said the dog. The wolf envied the dog and together they They went towards the place where the dog was guarding. But as soon as the wolf entered the dog’s neck, the wolf attention was paid to the trace. ‘Look man, what happened to the hair on your neck?’ ‘The chain made me lose my hair,’ said the dog. ‘You see, I was chained most of the day and night. ‘I am tied to the stake.’ ‘Then se you latter, my poor friend,’ said the wolf and He started to walk away quickly. ‘I changed my mind’ I I’d rather starve, may remain weak and free than be fat but slave.’ he added.

Kitap Adı : Top Fifty Short Stories (İngilizce)
Tür : İngilizce
Yazar : Kollektif
Yayınevi : Tutku
Ebat : 137 x 21
Sayfa : 87
Kapak : Karton
ISBN : 978-605-71545-7-6
64.95 TL
500.00TL ve Üzeri Kargo Bedava
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